About Ronin

All the world's a screen, and Ronin Media House, Inc. serves to create stories for this world. We ideate, create, write, produce, edit, animate, and distribute specific stories for specific audiences.

Founded by veteran content producer & marketer, Mike Cooley, Ronin Media House projects prolific creativity and a unique skill set honed over the a decade plus in the entertainment industry. From award-winning feature documentaries to critical short form branded content, the company has created across the spectrum of moving images at Ronin Media House.

We bring a hybrid sensibility of programming and promotion to every moving images initiative we tackle. For consumer audiences, Ronin tailors content for the platform, format, and persona. Our work in the trade arena creates the coveted “Where do I sign?” reaction that propels businesses toward greater profitability.

In business since early 2011, Ronin has been busy and nimble these past 6 years. 2017 continues as a banner year featuring expansion in corporate production services, intellectual property development, and dramatic upgrades to our production assets.

We strive to be your ideal partner in crafting video media that proves critical to your brand story. Drop us a line at info@roninmediahouse.com or 818-970-8554.

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